Why Portion Size Is Important And How To Control It

Do you wonder why you are not losing weight in spite of your regular exercise routine? You’re huffing and puffing at the gym, jogging or cycling, still the fat seems to remain the same. Experts will tell you that diet is as important as exercising. And the amount you eat is of paramount importance.

Portion Size

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Eating healthy does not mean you can eat more.

Many people say that they have not lost weight despite eating organic or fat free or less carbohydrates. This is because they’re over-eating. Eating lean means eating just right and not over-indulging. Eating small portions will help you get fit sooner.

How can you control food portions?

Measure your food:

You can measure your food with measuring cups and spoons and keep a food diary mentioning your day’s calorie intake. Measure calories using the standard serving sizes mentioned on labels. Work hard for a week and at the end of it you’ll have an idea how many calories you have consumed.

Portion Size 1

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Nutritionists say, the palm of your hand is the right size for meat, fish or chicken. Peanut butter, standard serving is 2 thumbs’ worth, salad dressings (not the fatty kind) is the size of an Oreo. Chips sizes should be kiddie sized bags and mashed potatoes the size of an ice-cream scoop. Cooked pasta, rice portions must be the size of half a baseball or half a cup.


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