How To Power Dress For Work Effectively In 2016

Studies say that we only get 30 seconds to make a first impression on anyone and that this decision is made up almost entirely on outside appearances. And this first impression lasts a long time. Why not make use of these precious seconds to our advantage, professionally and personally? Being well-groomed or “power dressing” does not mean you have to splurge big time on power suits. It means wearing something which is well-fitting which gives you confidence.

According to studies, a whopping 65% of women felt that their subordinates do not take them seriously. A power suit can do wonders in conveying the message that you’re someone to reckon with. According to a study by Joy V. Peluchette and Katherine Karl on ‘The impact of workplace attire on employee self-perceptions’, shows that “Respondents felt most authoritative, trustworthy, and competent when wearing formal business attire.”

2016 is for those power girls who want to define their own power by dressing the way they want to.


Like the photos above, you can totally rock the power suit by adding some detail like the golden chain. Angelina Jolie shows how to power through in a white suit. Fashion gurus suggest keeping a few white pieces along with your black and navy. White makes people sit up and take notice.


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