Rihanna’s Sledgehammer Packs A Punch!

Rihanna’s powerful ballad Sledgehammer is definitely worth the wait. She had hinted on Sunday through an Instagram post of some alien looking faces that the single was coming. The Barbadian singer had been working on the emotional ballad since 2014. It’s her contribution to the Star Trek Beyond Soundtrack.

“I hit a wall, I thought that I would hurt myself/ Oh I was sure your words would leave me unconscious,” and “And on the floor I’d be lying cold, lifeless/ But I hit a wall, I hit ’em all, watch the fall”  – she sings, the gripping lyrics co-written by Sia.

The video also made history for another reason – it was shot entirely on IMAX cameras and later premeiered in an IMAX theater.

In the video, she’s dressed as an alien with tribal markings on her face and flowing orange robes, magically shoving boulders. In the end she transforms into a celestial being.

Source: YouTube / RihannaVEVO