Oysters are great to eat either fried or in ceviche style. You can eat them raw too, but not in the warmer months i.e. from May to August. If you go to a restaurant to eat oysters just because you don’t know how to shuck them or you’ve botched it up whenever you’ve tried, take a look at how it’s done. Oysters have hard shells and you have to be careful while opening them.


Image source: chefsteps.com

Step 1: Wash the oysters thoroughly to get all the grime out. Lay the oyster flat side up on the towel and slip your knife in the hinge where both sides meet. Twist the knife back and forth till it opens. Be very careful when you do this and take your time.

Step 2: Slip the blade along the top part being careful not to spill the liquid and cut through the portion which is attached to the top shell.

Step 3: Slide the knife along the bottom shell and take it out carefully and serve.

Repeat this process for all the oysters and serve them on ice.

Take a look at this video to learn more:

Source: YouTube / Finecooking.com