Why did he spin his eggs – the answer will make you do the same!

Eggs are nutritious and contain both protein as well as healthy fats. They contain vitamins A, D, B2, and B12, as well as minerals such as selenium. They’re a powerhouse of nutrition and certainly figure in my list as a superfood which is accessible to all. New health benefits of eggs are being discovered every day. So it’s a great idea to include eggs in your diet, if you’re not already doing that. I am certainly a die-hard egg lover and cook eggs almost every day.

But in this one area, practice does not make perfect. Sometimes they’re under-done and sometimes while peeling them, you’re left with two halves of an egg in your hands.  And how do you know whether they’re perfectly boiled or not, without peeling them.

This video will show you some great egg hacks to make your life a little easier:

Source: YouTube / FoodLifeHAcks