How To Spot Your Foe Hiding As Friend

How do you spot people who behave as though they are your good friends, but actually manipulate you and use you for their benefit? True friends are hard to find and we need to know who they are or who they’re not. We don’t realize some so called friends have used us, till it’s too late. Here are some ways to know someone with hidden agenda:


  1. Trust your gut instinct:


We often ignore that little voice in our heads and hearts telling us that something is off. If this happens quite a few times after speaking to a person who is pretending to be your friend, don’t ignore it. It’s a warning sign that the feelings of frustration, confusion and being misunderstood are a result of that particular person trying to manipulate you.


2. Unusual body language and eye contact:



Those people with hidden motives are also good liars. They try to remain cool but avoid eye contact and seem uncomfortable. Excessive blinking and being fidgety are signs of lying too. They try to hide the fact that they are lying.


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