How To Stop Serious Poison Ivy Rashes

Remember being told to stay away from poison ivy whenever you went camping…and maybe you still keep a look out for this plant which can cause such serious harm.  A dream camping or hiking trip with your boyfriend or your BFFs can be spoilt by exposure to poison ivy.

The urushiol resin from the plant can cause severe rashes and burn your lungs if inhaled.


Image Source: Extreme Deer Habitat

If your gardening tools have come into contact 12 months prior with the resin urushiol, it can cause rashes.

So how on earth is the man in the photo above holding poison ivy with his bare hands?

That’s because he is a biomedical scientist named Jim Brauker who had studied skin inflammation for 25 years. He says this about poison ivy:

“You don’t get a poison ivy reaction just because you got the poison ivy on your skin, you get it because you didn’t effectively get it off your skin.”

How do you get urushiol off your skin?

He has a simple trick – better than any soap, just scrub the area with a damp wash cloth three times, rinsing the washcloth after each scrub. You don’t need to scrub immediately either, between 2-8 hours after exposure is fine.

Source: Extreme Deer Habitat