How Stylish Women Look Stylish Everyday

If you thought looking stylish cost a bomb and only those loaded with cash can do it, you’d be totally wrong. You just have to prep a little. Own a few classic pieces like a pair of slim black pants, classic pumps and some nice t-shirt or shirts. DO NOT wear anything that doesn’t fit you – it shouldn’t be tight to the point of making you uncomfortable and so loose that it hides your shape.

Stylish Everyday

If you have a little tummy, the best tip – wear a thick elastic belt, it will shape your mid-riff and hide your belly. Why go through the pain of body shapers? And do not be trend crazy, if that trend doesn’t flatter you.

And most important: do not lounge around in your “best” clothes – treat them with respect and they will get respect for you.

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Stylish Everyday1

Image source: Greg Kessler

  1. Know what works for you and wear it like a uniform:

Stylish Everyday2


 Wear the outfit or similar outfits and styles and material which most flatters you. You’d be surprised at the results. Material is an important aspect which you must pay attention to. If you’re on the slimmer side, you might go for thicker material which will add some volume and if you’re not that slim, you should choose lighter material like chiffons and synthetics and silks.

2. Take your outfit to a new level with one expensive item:

2. Take your outfit to a new level with one expensive item


Image Source: Greg Kessler

 There’s a trick to elevating your basics to a higher realm of elegance. You can add an expensive accessory, a bag or a jacket to look amazing. That’s how some women look effortlessly stylish wherever they go.


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