How Stylish Women Look Stylish Everyday

3. Mix and match:

3 Mix and match

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If you’re new to the mix and match game, start by mixing things from the same color family. Like in the photo above, blue is the main color teamed with a beige jacket makes the outfit chic beyond words. You might also look to other fashionishtas for inspiration and then sculpt your own look.

4. Layers will extend your wardrobe like nothing else:

4. Layers will extend your wardrobe like nothing else

Image source: Instagram user @sarahruston

Layering makes the game interesting and once you get the hang of it, you’d be having lots of fun and never will you say again “I’ve got nothing to wear”. Just as Sarah Ruston has done by adding a tube top over a button down shirt.     


5.  Dress for the weather:

5. Dress for the weather

image Source: IMAXTREE / VincenzoGrillo

 When there’s a slight chill in the air but you don’t really want to wear a jacket, just drape one over your shoulders. It’s fashion as well as function.

6. Wear clothes that fit you:

6. Wear clothes that fit you

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Throw out everything that does not fit you. Even if you may fit into skinny jeans that are not really your size, do not overdo it. Wear skinny jeans, but your size which will be very comfortable and look good as well.


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