#SymmetryBreakfast: From Instagram FameTo Book Deal

It started by chance. Michael Zee used to make breakfast for himself and his boyfriend every morning. And one day, just happened to notice the perfect symmetry of an avocado, salami, omlette and fruit juice breakfast. He took a photo and posted on his personal Insta account. But soon, as his followers grew, he created the #symmetrybreakfast account.

Michael posted every morning without fail before 8 a m. He said in an interview to Guardian, that he was dedicated; to his boyfriend and breakfast – “People wonder if I’m crazy or obsessive,” Zee says, “but it is a declaration of love, really. I’m dedicated – both to breakfast and to Mark.”

He used to spend hundreds of pounds every week on ingredients as he wanted to create new and exciting breakfasts for people. For the initial two years, he didn’t make a penny from his pet project. He kept on working at his job as Educational Officer at a museum.


Image source: #symmetrybreakfast / Michael Zee


Image source: #symmetrybreakfast / Michael Zee


Image source: #symmetrybreakfast / Michael Zee


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