This Kid Was Caught Doing THIS On Live Camera During Baseball Game – The Announcers Are In Hysterics!

There’s nothing like watching a baseball game in the stadium. The energy and enthusiasm of the fans is contagious, you’re caught up in the moment and just generally have a good time. The eats too are great – the hotdogs and Cracker Jack and of course, the live TV camera which captures many candid moments. Sometimes, people are caught unawares and behave in weird ways to get over their nervousness. But not this little boy – he saw the camera on him and really worked it!

At the College World Series game between the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers and the TCU Horned Frogs, he gave the ESPN cameraman a reaction which has gone viral on the net. The announcers couldn’t help but laugh hysterically and so will you when you watch the video. The boy’s mother was sitting right next to him, totally oblivious to what was happening, which made it even funnier!

Source:  YouTube

H /T: Metaspoon