Top 10 Amazon Shopping Tricks Everyone Should Know

 Love shopping at Amazon? Here are the 10 best tricks on how to get the most while shopping on Amazon, even if you don’t have a prime membership.


  1. Unwanted items can be traded in for cash:


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Amazon accepts tablets, video games, phones basically a long list of electronics, textbooks and books in exchange for a gift card. The items you exchange have to be in good condition and shipping is included.

2. They match the price of TVs:


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You saved up to buy that big TV or phone from Amazon, but you saw the same item at another retailer’s for a lesser price, then according to Amazon’s price matching policies, the retailer you bought your TV or phone from will refund the difference within 30 days. Your refund will be in the form of an Amazon gift certificate.

3. You can get a refund for a price drop:


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Ever experienced the frustration of buying something full price and then it goes on sale? If you buy something from Amazon and that happens within 7 days (you can try your luck for a longer period than that too!) of the delivery date, you will get a refund for the price difference! Sounds great, doesn’t it!


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