Top 10 Amazon Shopping Tricks Everyone Should Know

7. Students get up to 50% discount on Prime membership:


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Students get a Prime Membership trial for 6 months and an Amazon Student Membership, which is basically Prime for $49 for a year. If you’re a student and you do not want to continue the Prime membership, cancel your trial membership before 6 months are over.

8. Get family discounts:


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Amazon Family gives you 20% off on diaper subscriptions and 15% off on discount items off a baby registry.

9. You can shop with your reward points:


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If you have a credit card that accumulates reward points, you can use those points to buy things on Amazon. Just use that card and indicate the number of points you want to use up.

10.  You can access an entire library of books:


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For $10 a month, Kindle users (device or App) can have access to millions of books and thousands of audiobooks. If you don’t want to subscribe monthly, Amazon offers Kindle users great discounts every day.


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