Top 10 Romantic Movies Of All Time

Romantic movies are the best way to spend a well-deserved weekend. If you’re not going anywhere on the weekend, just get yourself a DVD of your favorite romantic movie and sit back. Or else pick from one of these epic romances we have selected for you. These movies have been selected on the strength of their stories, direction and acting. They have overcome the test of time and managed to overwhelm us and make us forget ourselves whenever we see them. They make us laugh, cry and laugh again. And of course, all other emotions in between. Now let’s get on with the list.

1. Roman Holiday:
This movie is about a bored and sheltered Princess who longs to experience a “normal” life, and escapes from her guardians, in Rome. She falls in love with a journalist and their sweet and funny love story is unforgettable. The famous bedroom scene has been copied a number of times by later movies. The escapades of the Princess, played by Audrey Hepburn and the journalist played by Gregory Peck form the storyline. If you’re a die-hard romantic then this movie is a must watch for you.

You can watch the full movie on YouTube also.


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