Unbearable Agony Of Life After Drugs

Getting high seems to be the trend these days. Young people have been made aware about the dangers of drugs and how to have a healthy life by many campaigns. These campaigns show examples of how drugs have a negative effect on your bodies apart from leaving you a shadow of your former self.

This article features some young people who were transformed devastatingly due to the use of drug.


People don’t start off with heroin or cocaine or meth, but it can start with even alcohol abuse which leads to more serious things. So be careful and never use anything to the point of abuse, even if they are just alcohol and nicotine.

Take a look at the photos and read about the people and use it as a warning to stay away from these dangerous substances. Don’t even go for it one single time!

  1. Amy Thomson

Amy Thomson

It’s shocking isn’t it? This young girl’s life was changed forever just because she consumed one ecstasy pill at a party in Glasgow. She had to be hospitalized due to the crystal capsule of MDMA and was reported to be comatose. The teenager was like any other teenager posting photos of herself regularly on Facebook. Now Ashe’s confined to a wheelchair and her speech is slurred and she cannot move her hands.


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