These Unique Lipsticks Will Drive You Crazy

Lipstick is a part of every girl’s life. There’s nothing like lipstick to brighten your look instantly. But very few innovations and designs can be seen in the world of lipsticks. Sure the range of colors can be anything from bright red to bright blue, but the basic shape and size remain the same. They come in the same old packaging, with hardly anything new to be seen. So when we came across these two lippers which are absolutely unique in terms of their make and outer casing, we had to share them with you.

 Kailijumei Flower Lipsticks


Image source: kailijumei


Image source: kailijumei


Image source: kailijumei

These lipsticks are nothing short of works of art. They are the most beautiful we’ve seen so far. They’re manufactured by a Chinese company Kailijumei and it has real flowers inside. It looks as if the flowers are encased in clear jelly, they do have slight pink tint and shimmer. They change color according to the temperature and pH level. How cool is that? These beautiful color lipsticks are really the rage right now and they have been completely sold out. Not to worry, though, the company’s website allows you to pre-order, so you can have one of the pretty flower lipsticks too. One lipstick is $30, which is worth the price of owning a collector’s item.


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