Vin Diesel might as well admit he’s in ‘The Inhumans’

Vin Diesel is amazing at what he does, but definitely not great at keeping secrets. Pssst! Do not tell him about your hidden treasure or where you’ve hidden that body. He might not be able to keep it to himself. As is evident from this little snippet of news.

He is mighty excited to be ‘The Inhumans’ though it hasn’t been formally announced, but we’re guessing from all the hints he’s been dropping.

Vin Diesel

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He’s been great as Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s been talking about another Marvel project, ‘The Inhumans’, while speaking to i09, – “I can totally be something [else] with Marvel. I think playing [Groot] only makes Marvel that much more excited and me having my experience with Marvel, seeing how great they were, makes me more excited.


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