Warning! Cuteness Overdose – Pups Love To Follow Their Tiny Owner

This video is going to make your day for sure. Louis Flynn, a toddler in Scotland loves his pug puppies and they can’t have enough of him. Continuing the tradition of mankind’s friendship with dogs, this adorable toddler is pursued by his four legged furry friends wherever he goes.


He is showered with slobbery kisses as they try to catch up with him. The combination of cute toddler and adorable puppies will melt your heart for sure! Your day will instantly be brightened by Louis who crawls on the hardwood floors, sometimes toppling over, as he crawls away from Mac, Rupert, Leo and Winston.

The video has been posted by the infant’s mother Lynn Flynn on Instagram. Lynn often posts photos of the five friends growing up together and you can follow her pugsandkisses84.

Watch the video:

Source: YouTube / storyfull