What Your Sleeping Position With Your BF Says About Your Relationship

Your sleeping position with your partner in bed can speak volumes about your relationship. You might sometimes pretend that everything is fine, when it’s not and in sleep, neither of you can hide your real feelings. The way you hold him or he holds you, the way you turn away from each other….experts have made quite a study of these. Find out more about your relationship from the most common positions analyzed below:

  1. The Spooning or “Happy Couple” position

The Spooning or “Happy Couple” positionimage source:www.sheldonsfans.com

This position has been immortalized by Hollywood as the ultimate “happy couple” position and experts too agree. It has different meanings depending on whether the man is behind the woman or woman behind the man. If your man is spooning you, it means he is the leader in your relationship and the tighter he hugs you, the stronger his feelings – he might even be proprietary and jealous! And if you are the one who’s spooning, it means you’re protective about your man, “educator” and strive to be closer to him.


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