Where’s the cast of ‘Old School’ now?

When it came out in 2003, Old School established itself as a classic frat-house comedy. It didn’t have an original story and was far from being subtle, but it got the laughs and still does. Some consider it to be right up there with Animal House, the movie which created the genre of frat-house comedy.

The plot centers on main character Mitch Martin played by Luke Wilson who discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him and he and his friends start a fraternity at the fictional college called Harrison State.

Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Patrick Cranshaw deliver legendary performances that’s appreciated even now.

Check out what they’re up to now:

Elisha Cuthbert – “Darcie Goldberg”

Elisha Cuthbert – “Darcie Goldberg”

She played a high school student who has a one night stand with Mitch. She went to appear in several well-known films, including Love Actually, House of Wax and The Girl Next Door. Two years before Old School, she played Jack Bauer’s daughter on all the super successful TV series 24 and continued through 2010. As Alex Kerkovich on ABC’s Happy Endings, she made a good impression on audiences but unfortunately, the show was canceled.


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