Why are we fascinated by the Red Carpet?

Whenever there’s a film festival like Cannes or an award ceremony like the Oscars, the Golden Globe awards, the media builds a buzz around the Red Carpet appearances. And we eagerly lap it up. Days before the event, there is speculation about who is going to wear what. Sitting in our comfortable couches at home, we get ready to dissect the fashion sense of the celebrities.

The Red Carpet is the place where the celebrities are separated from us ordinary mortals. For those few nights in a year, they have to work hard to look their best as the entire world is looking, waiting to comment.  The Red Carpet symbolizes all that they have achieved – their hard-earned fame.

 We form “parasocial” relationships with the stars – the term that denotes the one-sided relationship people / fans have with the stars. Can we dress in our favorite designer’s clothes? No, but they have access to the best and latest fashion and designers, and heaven forbid if they get it wrong. No longer do we lap up everything the stars do as their right, but each one of us has an opinion about who should have worn what.

 We even bond with total strangers by discussing who wore what and if our favorite star got it right. Society has always looked up to its betters to follow a trend. Celebrity worship has been perceived to fulfill some deep psychological need inside us, it gives us a sense of identity, a sense of self. *


The fascination with the celebrities at the Red Carpet has also fuelled a huge market – rip-offs of the gowns of the best dressed flood the market. The Red Carpet fashions sometimes set the tone for the next season’s fashion.

Our fascination with the Red Carpet is not going to dim, but it does give us something to look forward to, gives us a break in our monotonous routine.

Source: www.lifescience.com