Why Coconut Oil Changes Your Life Totally

10. Coconut oil is a great natural shampoo and soap:

10Coconut oil is a great natural shampoo and soap


Factory made shampoos imbalance your natural oils and makes your hair either oily or dry. You can apply natural shampoo bars made from coconut oil as they won’t rob your scalp of natural oils. Makes your job easier as you don’t need to shampoo as often as before.

11. Worried about skin during pregnancy?

11 Worried about

Thanks to coconut oil, you need not worry about your skin during pregnancy. It is found that applying coconut oil on your face and body will prevent dryness that occurs during pregnancy. It will prevent stretch marks too so be sure to apply coconut oil on your stomach. Furthermore, coconut oil mixed with cod liver oil and applied onto your stomach will give your baby much needed good fats for healthy growth


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