Why Fallout Players Have Not Left Vault 111

Steam Achievement statistics have revealed that a portion of the player base have not left the tutorial section of Fallout 4‘s vault 111. An interesting find by a sharp-eyed Reddit user named HillTopChill revealed this trend.

Why Fallout Players Have Not Left Vault 111

Image source: Reddit

According to Fallout 4 owners, who have complained about this glitch on Reddit, this is due to glitches that the achievement level after Vault 111 is not opening at all, or is opening much later. This is also leading to the statistic that 14.5% players have not left the opening area.

While the stat is amusing, but it is in fact faulty as many users have not started playing the game after buying it. Other reasons could be that a player has too little time on hand, or, that he /she is addicted to earning a high score on the Donkey Kong Clone, Red Menace in the opening area.

Even though there’s 14.5% stuck in the opening zone, Fallout 4 has continued to smash records, with Bethesda revealing that it has earned over $750 million in revenue. Not only that, digital sales topped $100 million with the PC platform being the highest earner in this category.

Source: Reddit