Women around the world applying baking soda under the eyes – the result is astounding!

Much has been written about natural remedies for dark circles. But since this is such a common and recurring problem, we bring to you another effective remedy which women all around the world are swearing by. It’s nothing but baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate is produced by our kidneys too, but it is a little different from what you get in stores. Our body produces baking soda to regulate the acid in our blood, because a high acid content in blood is the reason for chronic inflammation and disease.


Baking soda is used by many people for everything: to make homemade baked goodies, deodorizing agent, as a polishing agent and also as a cleaning agent. This extremely useful ingredient is used to make cosmetic products too – teeth whitener and as an effective way to treat acne. Baking soda is used to restore the pH balance and prevent skin problems like acne.


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