World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Turns 80, Seriously!

Ernestine Shepherd – the world’s oldest body builder gives us no excuse to be lazy anymore. She is a source of inspiration for everyone out there who want to live a fit and healthy life. To her, “Age is but a number”. She gets up at 2:30 in the morning, has a breakfast of 10 scrambled egg whites, and drinks a lot of water before starting on her exercise routine and hitting the gym. She says that getting out of shape as we grow older is not a mandate but an option.


Image source: Facebook / Ernestine Shepherd


She finds her strength in prayer and says her inspiration is her late sister. She has written a book: The “Ageless” Journey of Ernestine Shepherd, in which she writes about the secrets to her health and well-being.

And she started on her journey not in her twenties, but when she was 56!

She’s living proof that we can have the body we want at any age; we just have to follow a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

Watch this video which documents her story:

Source: YouTube / Prevention magazine