YouTubers Who Earn Millions

YouTube has provided a platform for people to showcase their talent to the entire world. If your video clicks and goes viral and you have many people following you, you can earn millions. You can turn your passion for vlogging into a successful and lucrative career. Just posting their video clips have made these people celebrities in their own right. Read about these talented young people who make more money than some Hollywood A-listers and you may be inspired to create your videos too.

  1. Pew Die Pie


His real name is Felix Kjelberg and he’s from Sweden. He has a mind-boggling 42 million viewers and he tops this list. At the age of just 24, he pulls in about $12 million a year! His “Bro Army” of followers makes this possible. Makes you want to run out and shoot some videos, doesn’t it.

  1. Rhett and Link


These two engineers cum comedians are a real catch, ladies. They earn 4.5 million a year with 3 million subscribers and sponsorships with big brands like Wendy’s and Toyota. Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III have made laughter into a money-spinner.


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